Pole fitness has increasingly grown in popularity among the fitness community, and there is a reason why!

There are many beneficial effects of pole fitness. Aside from being a total body workout, it is also a tool to get in touch with your feminine side. Pole fitness embodies various gratifying advantages from building strength to building confidence. 

1) Its an effective workout
When done correctly, pole dancing combines strength training, endurance, cardio and flexibility. It uses the muscles of the entire body and you are constantly moving. Its more appealing then going to the gym and it teaches the power of bodyweight exercising. The total amount of calories burned in a 30 minute pole class is the equivalent to taking an aerobics class. 


2) Its a great confidence building tool. 
After you get the basics down, you will quickly begin to develop some serious skills. Your competence on the pole will render into your everyday activity. You'll find yourself sitting straight up, improving your posture. Also, pole fitness is a great tool to find your inner sexy. What is more enjoyable than working out in 6 inch stilettos and acting like a sex siren for an hour in a burlesque pole class? 

3) It helps in promoting sensory awareness and balance.
Kinesthetic sense, also known as muscle memory, is the alertness of your own movement. By carrying out more advanced moves with each class, your kinesthetic awareness rises. There are many advantages of having increased sensory alertness such as becoming more adapt to sights, sounds, smells, and etc . When paired with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness enables you to bypass common mishaps like tripping, stubbing your toe on something, or knocking things over.

4) It’s good for your heart and blood flow.
Just like any type of aerobic training, pole dancing is as beneficial for your heat. Since all the muscles are committed to the exercise, consistency promotes blood flow. Good blow flow helps ensure that the cells in your body receives optimal amounts of oxygen and nutrients it needs to help your body function correctly. This is especially significant for women who spend hours sitting in a chair working.

5) Its a great insomniac aid.
Most of use don’t get enough sleep, or just have trouble falling sleep. Just as important as any training, getting your rest helps promote muscle development. Workouts that engage the body joined with stretching (both learned in pole fitness classes) is a great sleep aid. Exercise triggers increase in body temperature and the post exercises drop in temperature helps aid in falling asleep more quickly. It can also shift your body clock depending on the time your exercise was carried out. 

All in all, not only is pole fitness great for your body and your mind. Its a great way to get in shape while encouraging your self esteem.

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Authorlidia huynh