It is important to eat before a workout to ensure you have the necessary fuel to work through that last 10 minutes of class. Make sure you consume a small pre-workout meal 30-60 minutes before your class session. These nutrients will then be available to fuel your workout while giving your body a head start on the post workout recovery process. Try out these 4 simple snacks next time your are hungry and in a time crunch. 

Image found on Ready Set Eat. 

Image found on Ready Set Eat. 

2. Date Coconut Balls
Dates are a great alkalizing food. Soak pitted dates in water and process dates with unsweetened coconut shreds and roll the mixture into balls. This is another quick carb load up. 

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4. Turkey Wraps!
For a high protein snack, spread hummus on a piece of lettuce and will with a slice of deli turkey and any other green of your choice. Roll it up and eat! 

1. Nut Butter and Apples. 
This is a quick good carb fuel up. Slice 1 apple of your choice with two tablespoons of the nut butter of your choice. 





Image found on  With Style and Grace Blog . 

Image found on With Style and Grace Blog

3. Eziekiel Bread with Mashed Avocado.
Eziekiel is a great wheat free bread (perfect for those who try to stay gluten free but aren’t strict on the diet). Avocado is so versatile, due to its creamy texture its a wonderful replacement for butter or cheese. Toast a slice and spread half an avocado over. Season with salt and pepper.  

Image found on  Boyism . 

Image found on Boyism

These recipes are nutritious enough to fulfill your hungry pains but they are also light so they wont bloat you or make you feel sluggish. Try these and fuel up for you next class with us! ;)  

Authorlidia huynh